Well, it's been a while people, but Minerva Mink's Pond Side Haven is back in action!


So, what can you expect to see here? Everything that was on the original site, silly! Her comics, show biographies, fun facts, and the best fan art on the web, can all be found on the new MMPSH!
We now have MORE than enough space to continue to make our site the best Minerva site ever!

Also, get ready for the site to take leaps and bounds in new directions! We are always thinking up new ways to improve the site, and build on the already illustrious carrier of one Minerva Mink! So, please check back with us often for new information, updates, and art, as we showcase everyone's favorite blonde haired mink!

~*Where Would You Like To Go?*~

Update: As I'm sure all loyal MMPSH fans can tell, the updates are getting few and far between. This is due to a mixture of life, work, and lack of new material, not for any loss of interest in our mission here. Thusly, as of this time both myself and fellow Administrator John, have decided to suspend regular updates until such time as we are able to resume them in a timely manor. This does not mean we are shutting down the site or abandoning our fans. Please, continue to write us and send in your fan art, as we will continue to monitor the site post acceptable works. Thank you for your understanding!

JESSE A. BURRESS ~ 11/17/33 - 8/3/09 Friend, father, you will be dearly missed.

ROGER "SYD" BARRETT ~ 1946 - 2006 R.I.P.

That will do...

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